The Juicy Details

Sign: Gemini

Go-to pick me up: An almond milk matcha latte

Relationship status: Happily in love

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Favorite indulgence: Donuts

Obsessed with: Sleeping in, slouchy sweaters, and my kitty (Gemini)

Not so much: Olives, slow drivers, being cold + poor grammar

Wellness tip: One person's wellness routine is another person's torture. Find what works for you!

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Christina Vanvuren is a writer, consultant, partnership director and trusted voice of women’s wellness and reproductive rights. Christina has been working with health and wellness brands since 2015, and has been a contributor to multiple online publications including, but not limited to, Kinkly, Scary Mommy, and xoJane.

Featured in:

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