Work With Christina

Writer | Mentor | Consultant | Poet


Writing was my first true love. For years, I kept journals full of poetry, short stories, and my deepest thoughts. When I decided to become a freelance writer, I brought my words into the light and my life was forever changed (in the best way).

Now, I help other writers tap into their own deep well of creativity, become more confident sharing their work, and learn how to make money doing what they love.




Christina helped me create the foundation I needed to feel confident in transitioning from my day job to full-time freelance writing. She had an answer for every question I had (and then some), helped tailor my mindset for success, and she’s also just an awesome person to talk to—so, that doesn’t hurt either!
— Dixie Wright

“I definitely recommend this course.”

Young writers will gain improved confidence in their abilities and in the possibility of running a fruitful freelance business. They’ll learn where and how to find good clients, how to set up a proper website and how to manage client relationships such as severing ties with clients who don’t pay well and setting up contracts with new clients.

— Chanoa Tarle


“I'd recommend this course, hands down!”

It was really helpful to learn about how to use my youth to my benefit — using your millennial expertise to help brands who are trying to connect with millennials is genius! Knowing that I can use my age as an asset instead of a hindrance is priceless.

— Brooke Kinsley