Journal Entry: February 14, 2018

Today felt like an uphill climb. I was wound up, tense, and unable to believe in the good that is in or coming into my life. Especially when it comes to money.

I asked the Universe to show me that I was headed in the right direction. Let me land a new client so I know I’m financially abundant, I thought. That is not what happened.

Instead, I was shown a man with matted hair and a flimsy coat standing on a highway entry ramp with a sign that read, Hungry. Anything helps. I was shown a family member who is trying to make her money last longer than her month. I was not given a new client or more money; I was gifted a reminder of a time not too long ago when my money worry wasn’t that I might not be able to afford a trip I want to take but that I didn’t have enough to pay my car payment and my health insurance if I wanted to put food on the table.

I was given a mirror to see all of the abundance I already have. Gratitude for what I have washed over me and I suddenly felt deeply satisfied with exactly the way things are.

— February 2018

♥ CV