Take Up Space Until the Room is Full

You will be told all through your life to shrink.

Men will tell you to shrink.

Women will ask you to dim your light.

People that you thought loved and supported you will become uncomfortable by your growth.

They will beg you to shrink down, smaller, smaller, smaller.

Until you no longer threaten their identity.

Do not do this.

You are allowed to be bright and loud and big.

Take up space and do it with confidence, even if you have to pretend.

Breathe deeply, like you own the air.

Take up space and shout about it.

Dance wildly.

Take up space with your mouth, with your bones, with your hair.

Smile if you want to.

Be fucking sad if you need to. That’s fine, too.

Be sad or happy or angry. Oh god, be angry.

Don’t be afraid to let your blood boil over with rage, your anger becoming known to the world.

You’ll learn how to deal with it in healthy ways, just don’t be afraid to feel it.

Take up space with your body, with your words, with your art, with your love, with anything you choose.

Take up space until the whole room is filled with women who aren’t afraid to occupy the space they are in.