Being Understood Was Never the Point

Authenticity is polarizing.

They adore you or they really, really don't.

It calls out fear in those who hide in their smallness and they hate you for doing what they can't bring themselves to do.

It's a game changer - you're in it, deep, and once you start there's no going back. It'll hurt too much.

Authenticity is what's called for. It's on the menu, serve it up.
They might not like it. Most likely, they'll think it's an attack on them, on their character, on their beliefs.

You know the truth. It's not about them at all. It's about you and standing in your realness, in your messy human gloriousness.
Keep being authentic.

Keep standing up when everyone tells you to sit down. This world will not always understand you but being understood isn't really the goal, is it?