Christina Vanvuren
Christina Vanvuren
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About Christina Vanvuren

As I began to write this, I wondered - how do you tell someone who you really are? It feels inadequate to say that I am, first and foremost, a writer. Then, a woman. After that, a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, and a sister.

All of that, however, describes only the roles I play in the world - not who I am at the center of my being.

I could say that I’m a Gemini (Virgo rising, Libra moon), or that I enjoy meditation and travel, or that I am trying to be more patient, or even that I love the French language and psychological thrillers and hooping and reading Vogue but usually only on Monday mornings.

But what I really want to say is this…

I am more than the sum of the characters I play in other people's lives. I am more than the way I spend my time. I am curious and detail-oriented and visionary and hard to impress and silly but also serious and I communicate better than anyone else I know and I struggle with depression and anxiety but I’m an optimist and I want, more than anything else in life, to make each person I interact with feel valued and loved.

For my 2019 New Year’s resolution, I am giving up trying to be the person I think others want me to be. I am, instead, embracing all the quirky things that make me me. I am following the things that pique my interest and saying a firm no to that which doesn’t.

Want to come along for the ride? I’d love to have you.

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